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Something for Sal

(See next post down for “Monday’s Mtg” post.)

Gang – Sal contacted me about helping to spread the word about an event his daughter Cori is hosting to unveil her new album.  Anything for Sal, so here is the info.


Hi David. My daughter Cori tried sending the following to you but it did not go through. Any assistance you can give in spreading the word for her would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Sal


Hi Dad, I can’t reply to this email directly that you forwarded but if you could forward this to your contact at the group if they’d like to enjoy the concert or help spread the word: I am hosting a night of music, art and dancing and would love if any local art lovers would like to join! On November 11th at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, join us for this special night of live, original music with a private concert by 12 musicians, private gallery viewings and access to the museum’s current special exhibit “Memories of Underdevelopment”, and cocktails and dancing! Named one of San Diego’s Top Singer-Songwriters, I am releasing my locally produced album and celebrating by hosting this night and I would like to invite any other lovers of the arts and especially who believe in the importance of support local art to come enjoy a private concert and the beauty of the museum. The Museum of Contemporary Art has been kind enough to work on this with me and I’m so excited to present this musical opportunity! Tickets and event details can be found at the link provided. The code ILOVEORIGINALMUSIC5 can be used for a limited time to save on tickets. (The cost of tickets goes to cover the cost of the museum and the artists) Here are the links:



GET YOUR TICKETS TO THE ALBUM RELEASE PARTY! 11/11 @ The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (downtown) The newest album ‘Who Am I?’ is available now! LISTEN NOW ON BANDCAMP Join the Cori & The Music Fan List! Corina “Cori” Presutti Dance Music Music Dance Join the Cori-ography Mailing List!

Follow-up to last night’s mtg (8/10/15) on immigration politics

I seldom do follow-up post anymore.  But, this article explains what social psychology experiments reveal about the motives of the 30% of Americans that oppose all immigration. (Note that my research showed that number at about 20%).  The articles discusses racism versus cultural anxiety, how much “illegal” versus “legal” matters in people’s attitudes, and a lot more.

The article can be found here.

A Tribute to a Fascinating Man

I just found this.  RIP, Sid.


Monday’s Mtg: Are Pro Sports Harming America?

Oops.  I’m about to lose computer power for the week, so they’ll be no background readings this week.  But, it’s an interesting topic.  What I had in mind was:

  • Pro sports teams holding up local communities for tax money to help them build stadiums, sell tickets, etc.
  • The violence, especially in the NFL and the ultimate fighting gladiatorial bouts.
  • The effects on our culture of fabulously wealthy super athlete celebrities and their lifestyles.
  • How this harms young people in college athletics.

Anyway, Carl will have the gavel and I hope you all enjoy!  See you in two weeks.

A Late “Monday’s Mtg” Post This Week

I’ve been really busy so I won’t get a “Monday’s mtg” post on the complicated issue of school vouchers up until, say, Sat night.  Most of my time will be trying to get up to speed in time to give the ABCs of the issue for you in person on Monday, not in the intro post.  I want to make sure I understand the conservative position on vouchers beyond the “it’s a ploy to destroy public schools and funnel money to religious schools” angle.

For those of us that were at the San Diego Debate Club premier, what did you think?  Ideas to improve the debates?  tell me in comments or in person Monday.

The Bigger Picture, XX: The Welfare state, Catholics, Feminists, & Toddlers

This week’s best reads (that I know of).



A Landmark

That last post was my 500th post on this website.  We are approaching our 50,000th page view, and lately average more than 1,000 hits per month.  Ten posts have been viewed over 1,000 times.  We now have quite a diverse body of politically- and public policy-oriented material on this site.  Remember to tell a friend about what we do and where they can find out more about it.


When Will We Know Who’s President?

See next post down for Monday’s Mtg post.

FYI election:  I clipped this from this blog, but the info is public.  Basically, by 4:30pm PST, polls in both Virginia and Ohio will be closed.  If both are called for Obama, Romney basically cannot win.  By 5pm our time, Florida is closed.  The states shown in blue are expected Obama states; the greys are expected Romney, and the bolded states are toss-ups/close.  The (#) is the number of electoral votes in the state.  All commentary is the blogger’s.


At 7 pm EST, polls will close in these states:

  • Georgia  16
  • Indiana  11
  • Kentucky 8
  • South Carolina  9
  • Vermont  3
  • Virginia  13

If Virginia is called for President Obama, Romney’s shot at 270 electoral college votes will already be remote.

7:30 pm EST:

  • North Carolina  15
  • Ohio  18
  • West Virginia  5

Some are still calling North Carolina a “battleground” state, but the chances the President will win there are remote, and I’m assuming Romney will win North Carolina. The President is favored to win Ohio, but if he loses, and Mittens has Virginia at this point, we may be in for a grim night.

8 pm EST:

  • Alabama  9
  • Connecticut  7
  • Delaware  3
  • Florida  29
  • Illinois  20
  • Maine  4
  • Maryland  10
  • Massachusetts  11
  • Mississippi  6
  • Missouri  10
  • New Hampshire  4
  • New Jersey  14
  • Oklahoma  7
  • Pennsylvania  20
  • Rhode Island  4
  • Tennessee  11
  • Washington, DC  3

Mittens is still trying to win Pennsylvania, but Nate Silver says there’s a 97.3 percent chance of an Obama win. A Romney win there would be a huge upset.

New Hampshire is on the edge of being safe for Obama, but not quite.

I keep wanting to call Florida the “silver tuna.” Mitt pretty much has to win Florida if he’s going to get to 270.

So by 8 pm, we’ll be chewing our nails and waiting for the networks to call Virginia, Ohio, and Florida. If Romney wins all three of those, he has a real shot at winning the election. If he loses any of them, he probably won’t. If he loses Florida, especially, it’s probably out of reach for him. He’d have to pull off a major upset in one or two “big states,” like Pennsylvania, to make up for it.

If by chance Obama wins all three of those, we can go to bed on time.

8:30 pm EST

  • Arkansas 6

9:00 pm EST

  • Arizona  11
  • Colorado  9
  • Kansas  6
  • Louisiana  8
  • Michigan 16
  • Minnesota  10
  • Nebraska  5
  • New Mexico  5
  • New York  29
  • South Dakota  3
  • Texas  38
  • Wisconsin  10
  • Wyoming  3

Some pundits are still talking about Wisconsin and Michigan as if they were still up for grabs, but Nate Silver has chances of an Obama win above 90 percent for both states.

By 9:30 or so we may know whether Colorado will matter, either way. If Mitt has Florida and most of the other battleground states, Colorado may help him. If not, it won’t matter. Of course, we may not know anything yet.

10 pm EST:

  • Iowa  6
  • Montana  3
  • Nevada  6
  • Utah  6

Iowa and Nevada are both “likely” states for Obama.

11 pm EST:

  • California  55
  • Hawaii  4
  • Idaho  4
  • North Dakota  3
  • Oregon  7
  • Washington  12

If everything is going as expected, the West Coast will nail it down before midnight, I hope.

1 am EST:

  • Alaska  3

Now, what are the chances a “problem” state like Ohio or Florida will hold everything up by demanding a recount? The good news is that President Obama ought to be able to get to 270 votes without Florida and Ohio, and even without Florida, Ohio, and Virginia, which are the most likely states to hang everything up, IMO. To do that he would need all of the “blue” states above plus Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and New Hampshire, but he’s probably going to get them. If President Obama clearly wins either Ohio or Virginia, then barring some upset of a major blue state, Florida won’t matter.


Proposition 39 – Pros and Cons

Proposition 39 is pretty straightforward, especially compared to how arcane and confusing ballot propositions in California often are.  The measure would raise about $1 billion annually by closing a tax loophole for out-of-state (i.e., those not HQ’ed in California) businesses that make money in the state.  Proponents say we need this new tax revenue to use to stimulate environmental sector and construction jobs.  Opponents say we don’t need a tax increase in times like these, even tough several other states have laws that have closed this loophole.

The official 2012 state voter guide says that prop. 39 would

  • Require out-of-state businesses to calculate their California income tax liability based on the percentage of their sales in California.
  • Repeal an existing law that gives out-of-state businesses an option to choose a tax liability formula that provides favorable tax treatment for businesses with property and payroll outside California.
  • Dedicate $550 million annually for five years from the initiative’s anticipated increase in revenue in order to fund projects that “create energy efficiency and clean energy jobs” in California.

Links to Pro/Con Articles and Endorsements –

I’ll see you all at tomorrow’s meeting to discuss all of the propositions!

Quotes of the Week

I forgot I was saving these —

Joke written for Al Gore in the 2000 campaign, but not used by him:
“It’s true I got C’s and D’s my freshman year at Harvard, but, in my own defense, that was the year I invented the bong.”

Michael Moore:
“… any illegal immigrant they catch in Arizona, they should let him keep doing his job because he’s adding to the economy. For every one they catch, they should send one Goldman Sachs guy to Mexico.”

Kevin Drum  (a blogger)
“Wall Street is only full of bad bankers if you think the role of bankers is to provide efficient financial services to the rest of the economy. If you adopt the more correct attitude that the role of bankers is to make lots of money for bankers, then America has the best bankers in the world. And they’re proving it yet again.”