Topics 2013

January 7 – What if we legalized marijuana?
January 14 – Comparing liberal and conservative principles.
January 21 – Are democracy and overpopulation compatible?
January 28 – How – and when – will the Republican Party moderate?

February 4 –   Baby Boomers: Heroes or Villains?
Februay 11 – Who do “right-to-work” laws really work for?
February 18 – Mega-Churches’ Effects On U.S. Politics.
February 25 – Conscience Clauses: When Should Strong Belief Exempt People From the Law?

March 4  –  Will the Supreme Court. Weaken the Voting Rights Act?
March 11 – What Is a Politics for the “Working Class?”
March 18 – Gay Marriage at the Supreme Court
March 25 – What is a psychiatric disorder?  Is the definition now too broad?

April  1 – Causes of America’s Islamophobia?
April  8 – Why do great nations fail?  Will we?
April  15 – How do America Jews’ faith inform their political views?
April 22 – How bad will climate change be in 20 years?  Will we act?
April 29 – School vouchers – Solution or scam?

May 6 – Immigration reform – What would work?
May 13 –  North Korea: How Will This (and the Regime) End?
May 20 – California prison reforms: Will they work?
May 27 – Cheap or dear: The high price of America’s discount culture?

June 3 – [Note:  This was postponed] The Voting wars:  How can we protect and/or expand the right to vote?
June 10 – What should Pope Francis do to revitalize Catholicism?
June 17 – The future of San Diego politics.
June 24 –  Are professional sports harming our society?

July 1 – Does gender equality depend on reproductive freedom?
July 8 – Obamacare update:  Will it be implemented right?
July 15 –  Are the Culture Wars Finally Dying?
July 22 – What are the Merits  of Using Covert Action Abroad?
July 29 – Are Americans Puritans or Libertines?

Aug 5 – The Politics and Peril of Legalizing Marijuana.
Aug 12 –  Can We Achieve Energy Independence?
Aug 19 – Should America Have FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights?
Aug 26 – Why is the Left Ascendant in Latin America?

Sept 2 – Do America’s corporate elite deserve all of this criticism?
Sept 9 – Why does the GOP keep threatening default and government shutdown?
Sept 16 – Are racial- and ethnically-based politics making a comeback in the U.S.?
Sept 23 – Our surveillance state: Who’s watching the watchers?
Sept 30 – Which morals should be taught in our schools?

Oct 7 – Why does U.S. poverty keep getting worse?
Oct 14 – Did we have to drop the atomic bombs on Japan?
Oct 21 – Are our schools preparing kids for the 21st century?
Oct 28 – After Bernanke: How should the Federal Reserve help the country?

Nov 4 – Looming state/local government debt crises.
Nov 11 – The “Munich analogy:”  Are appeasement and anti-appeasement still alive?
Nov – 18 – The future of American gender roles.
Nov 25 – Are we too pessimistic about America’s economic future?

Dec 2 – How will the Millennial generation change our politics?
Dec 9 – Can Americans afford the retirement security they expect?
Dec 16 – Should the Government Still Be Promoting Home Ownership?
Dec 23 – What Are Christian Ethics For the 21st Century?
Dec 30 – U.S. Foreign Policy After the War On Terror.

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