Upcoming Mtg Schedule

Click on the Word file below for our schedule through July 2018.   Print out a schedule and hand them out to interesting acquaintances.  Or, see our Meet-Up page, which always shows the next 2-3 meetings.

CivCon Schedule 2018 March – July

Or, visit and bookmark our online calendar. Email the link to your friends.

Or, download a copy of our iCal file to import into your calendar.


CivCon Schedule 2017 Oct – 2018 Feb

CivCon Schedule 2017 #2 June – Oct

CivCon-schedule-2017-#1-feb-June 5


CivCon Schedule 2016 Q2 June – Sept

CivCon Schedule 2016 Q1 Feb – May

CivCon Schedule 2015 Q3 Oct – Jan 2016

CivCon Schedule 2015 Q2 June- Sept

CivCon Schedule 2015 Q1 Jan – May

2014-schedule-3 – Sept – Jan 2015

2014-schedule-2 – May – Sept

2014-schedule-1 – Jan – April

2013-schedule-3 – Sept – Dec

2013-schedule-2 – May – Aug

2013-schedule-1 – Jan – April

2012-schedule-3 – Sept – December

2012-schedule-2- May – Aug

2012-schedule-#1 Jan-May

2011-schedule-#3- Sept to early Jan 2012

2011-schedule-#2-June – Sept

2011 Schedule #1 – Feb – May

2010 Schedule #3 – Oct – Jan – pdf

2010 Schedule #2 – July – Sept – pdf

2010 Schedule #1  Jan-June

Schedule ending 1/21/10


2 responses

  1. David, if you need any data for next week’s meeting (politics of food), please drop me a line. The latest number of people on SNAP (food stamps) is mind boggling — 40.4 million as of last April.

    This is a great site and it sounds like a wonderful group. I’ll stop in the next time I’m in San Diego.

    1. Thanks. A friend of mine is a local food justice activist, so she’s a pro.

      40 million! Jees…

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