1. Who are you people?
We are an informal group of civic-minded folk interested in politics, public policy, religion, and philosophy. We’ve been meeting every week (currently Monday nights) for the last fifteen (!) years to discuss a pre-selected topic. You name it, we’ve debated it: War and peace, health care, criminal justice policies, immigration, Confucianism, existentialism, even gender relations.  We are also a Meetup.com and a Facebook group.

2. When and where do you meet?
We meet every Monday except major holidays, at the Panera Café at 5620 Balboa Avenue in San Diego.  It’s in the Genesee Plaza shopping center just east of Genesee Avenue and west of the 805 freeway. (Map.)  Every meeting is 7pm-9pm.

3. How do I join the CivCon Club?
You don’t “join.” Just show up any Monday and look for us at the Panera.  No membership dues or initiation ceremony required.

4. Are you liberal or conservative?
Formally, we’re neither, nor are we affiliated with any partisan political organization.  The views expressed depend on who shows up.  (Most nights about 10-15 people come.)  But, we trend liberal, even though we have several conservative regulars.  It also depends on the topic.

5. How are topics selected?
In advance, about three months-worth at a time. The current schedule is on our home page, lower right. Old topics going back to 2007 are uptop, above.  A 3-person committee creates a new schedule based on suggestions from anyone who cares to make one. The group’s leader, DavidG, is always on the committee, and the other two positions rotate.

6. How can I suggest a topic?
Talk to DavidG or any other group member, or leave a comment on this website.

7.  If I attend, am I expected to talk?
No, of course not.  Feel free to just listen if you wish.


6 responses

  1. I am sure this seems like a frivolous question, but is there any secret to finding parking near the Filter Coffee House. I tried to come to last night’s meeting, and arrived about quarter to seven and drove round and round a three or four block area in every direction, but could not find a place, so went home. It would have been my first meeting and would like to become a regular participant, but other than coming about a half hour earlier than I did is there any secret? Like maybe a pay lot of something in the area I could use? Thanks

    1. I don’t have a lot of suggestions. You can park two blocks north in the Vons parking lot, but at own risk since theoreticcally they would ticket you. Gang: What do the other regulars do?

      Also, you could call Filter itself and ask if there’s some good places: Filter is 619-521-0533.

      Hope you can come sometimes.

      1. I try to arrive around 6 pm to have dinner (support our host) before the meeting. There are usually more spaces available on 30th at earlier times. Parking on the side/parallel streets is generally for the people who live there. The biggest issue with mindlessly circling the block is pedestrians in the dark — they cross without looking — so you can’t do it mindlessly.

  2. David, I have have chorus rehearsal every Monday evening so I am forced to miss your excellent meetings. I do appreciate your topic announcements and references, though. The reason I am replying here is that I could find no other way to advise you of my change in email address. It was JFistere@cox.net and is now JohnFistere@gmail.com.

  3. NOT a comment as much as feedback from David and the Group-would be appreciated.
    I attended one of your meetings and LOVED it! my issue with time on Mondays is being chronically late MOST meetings. I care for my grandson; most Mondays I cannot arrive by 7:00. (I attended the 8/20 conversation; why do people despise Pres. Obama? on time…) Your new meeting place is closer geographically-would you object to my arriving 10-15 minutes late? If the new layout is conducive to my entering without major disruption, I would like to attend regularly.

    Let me know.

    PS for Bruce: the best man DID win. Please refrain from sharing how we needed a business man with experience in creating and growing a successful business…you are an intelligent man, Bruce. If you had begun your professional career with $37 MILLION in seed money for your “small” business…yes he did say that in Debate #2… AND limitless business, social and political contacts, I daresay you TOO would have been successful beyond your wildest dreams.

    A recovering Republican, onetime Conservative


    1. Anne, come on in anytiome to a mtg. Late is no problem. You’ll miss my intros, but I’d miss some of them if I could!


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