Topics 2016

January 4: Is China destined to be our adversary?

Jan 11: Is conservatives’ “religious conscience” movement our new culture war?

Jan 18: Solutions to California’s water woes.

Jan 25: Does the U.S. need universal national service for young people?

Feb 1:  Is U.S. democracy at risk of unravelling?

Feb 8:  Do neoconservatives still control GOP foreign policy?

Feb 15:  What does socialism mean today?

Feb 22:  Is America’s safety really at risk?

Feb 29: Dissolving the glue – Is Americans’ trust in each other in decline?

March 7:  Would a female president govern differently?

March 14: Is Russia turning fascist?

March 21:  Fear-Mongering As a Political Strategy.

March 28: Is “Political Correctness” a Real Problem?

April 11 : Sources of Islamist Radicalism.

April 18:  The Supreme Court and the 2016 Election.

April 25:  When Is Civil Disobedience Justified?

May 2:  Thomas Jefferson and His Legacy.

May 9:  Why Have U.S Race Relations Deteriorated Lately?

May 16:  Are There Any Universal Religious Principles?

May 23:  Is Our Juvenile Criminal Justice System Working?

May 30:  What Is a “Just War?”

June 6:  Better Ways to Police the Police?

June 13: Sanders & Trump: What Does Populism Mean Now?

June 20: What If Great Britain Leaves the E.U.?

June 27: Whatever Happened To the Boat People?

July 4: What Does Today’s SciFi Say About Us?

July 11: Are Californians Environmentally Over-Regulated?

July 18: Native Americans: Who’s Protecting Their Interests?

July 25: Trump: Win, Lose, or Lose and Destroy the GOP?

Aug 1:  How Far Left Will the Democratic Party Move?

Aug 8:  Is Obamacare working?  What comes next?

Aug 15: Does the historical Jesus matter?

Aug 22:  Why has economic productivity growth stagnated?

Aug 29: Do govt anti-poverty programs work?

Sept 5:  Which Obama Achievements Will Endure?

Sept 12: Are Science and Religion Inherently In Conflict?

Sept 19: Raise the Minimum Wage?

Sept 26: [Topic postponed until Nov 28, 2016]

Oct 3:  What Should American Children Be Taught About History?

Oct 10:  Is the U.S. death penalty on its way out?

Oct 17:  November’s ballot propositions.

Oct 24:  Fox News at 20: How has it changed America?

Oct 31:  Franken-future: Will Transhumanism improve our species genetically?

Nov 7:  Feminism’s successes, failures, and next wave.

Nov 14: Trump:  Who is to blame; is it a movement?

Nov 21:  What is “cultural literacy” in the USA?

Nov 28:  How do progressives interpret the Constitution?

Dec 5: Will the 21st century be the Asian Century?

Dec 12: What kind of a future does the news media have?

Dec 19: Is worldwide democracy the new Manifest Destiny?

Dec 26: What is progressive religion?

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