Topics 2011

January 6 – Who Are The Best And Worst Presidents?

January 13 –  Islam and the Role Of Women.

January 20 – Has The U.S. Become An Oligarchy?

January 27 – Public employee unions: Problem or scapegoat?

February 3 – Can we get unbiased news?  From where?

February 10 – California’s transportation solutions: Trains, planes, or automobilies?

February 17 – Are we really this politically polarized?

February 24 – What did the founding fathers think of government?

March 3 – Why do Left and Right want their country back?  What is America all about?

March 10 -What is “liberal Christianity?”

March 17 – Blue vs. red states: Is it only politics or is it a cultural difference?

March 24 -Are civilian/military relations a growing problem?

March 31 – Endangered species: Should we care?

April 7 – Has Globalization Stalled?  Can We Make It Better?

April 14 – Is Science Political?

April 21 – Why no socialism in America?

April 28 – Justice as fairness: The philosophy of John Rawls

May 5 – What is Sharia law and how is it used in Islamic countries?

May 12 – China as #2

May 19 – Is fundmentalism a product of modernity?

May 26 – Do wars ever really end?

June 2 – What has the other side (Left/Right) been right about?

June 9 – What is the common good?

June 16 – Legitimate political authority: When should we obey?

June 23 – Why are most but not all people spiritual?

June 30 – The importance of the U.N., past, present, and future.

July 7 – Budget deficits: Who should sacrifce?

July 14 – What if the era of cheap energy is ending?

July 21 – How will historians judge these times?

July 28 –  Education: Race to the Top and NCLB

August 4 – The future of space exploration

August 11 – What have we accomplished in Iraq and Afghanistan?

August 18 – How is Christianity evolving?

August 25 – The Media: Watchdog or lapdog?

Sept 1 – Do men and women think differently?

Sept 8 – [Cancelled due to blackout]  Should we legalize gambling, prostitution, and drugs?

Sept. 15 –  Is anti-intellectualism making a comeback in the U.S.?

Sept. 22 – How do movies and TV affect our political opinions?

Sept 29 – To fix the economy, we must…?

October 6 – Understanding Buddhist beliefs

October 13 – Should we change all the rules for how we hold elections?

October 20 – Do we need a value added tax?

October 27 –   Deficit cutting via the “Supercommittee.”

November 3 –  Does China’s past predict its future?

November 10 –   Civil Liberties Since 9-11: What’s Been Lost?

November 17 – Lessons of the New Deal.

November 24 – [Thanksgiving, no mtg]

December 1 – What is political populism?

December 8 – Hamas ansd the PA: Are thety partners for peace?

December 15 – Police power: To protect and serve?

December 22 – Should economic planning still be a dirty word?

December 29 – How has U.S. religion affected our foreign policy?

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