Topics 2008

    2008 Schedule

January 3 – What rights do animals have?

January 10 – Descartes: What was his legacy?

January 17 – How would you amend the Constitution?

January 24 – What is Globalization’s dark side?

January 31 – Who really burned down the Alexandria Library?

February 7 – What is the future of Organized Labor nationally and

February 14 – Can a woman and/or an African American win the next
Presidential election?

February 21 – ls the U.S. an Empire? If so, is it in decline?

February 28 – ls there a “Collective Unconscious”?

March 5 – ls the Universe infinite or finite-what are the religious
and philosophical implications?

March 13 – Realpolitik and the United Nations: de jure vs. de facto.

March 20 – Time: What exactly is it?

March 27 – Myths of the 60’s-what truly came out of that decade?

April 3 – The Bible, Koran and Talmud: What teachings and texts are more
relevant today? What information should they contain?

Aprll10 – Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears.

April 17 – Does the U.S. need a new social contract?

April 24-How did European Philosophers effect the U.S. Constitution?

May 1- Can the U.S. economy survive without illegal immigrants?

May 8- Is AI Queda losing, did we exaggerate the threat?

May 15 – The North American Union: What is it all about?

May 22 – lmmanuel Kant: How Important to western thought?

May 29-What is the “American Dream”?

June 5 – What are the consequences of the Kosovo independence?

June 12 – Has affirmative action served Its purpose?

June 19 – Understanding Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem

Jun 26 – Can nuclear energy solve the energy crisis?

July 3 – Is rationalism a religion?

July 10 – What does Ron Paul really stand for?

July 17 – Tariffs: Should American businesses be protected?

July 24 – Are morality and truth relative?

July 31- Israel in crisis: Secular vs. sacred.

August 7 – Is this any way to elect a president?

August 14 – Understanding Buddhism

August 21 – Definitions of History

August 28 – Are the Democrats going to blow It again?

September 4 – What needs to be done about the U.S. medical

September 11 – War, Famine & Aids: Can Africa be saved?

September 18 – Is California creating a welfare state for government employees?

September 25 – Understanding Plato.

October 2 – How does the EU function politically and economically?

October 9 – Pre-mortem: Lessons from the Bush Administration.

October 18 – What does Quantum Physics tell us about the world?

October 23 – What is happiness and why should we pursue it?

October 30 – Does your vote count?

November 8 – Human Sexuality-Is it still evolving and how?

November 13 – What Is Emergence Theory?

November-20 – Should agricultural subsidies be halted?

November 27- Thanksgiving.

December 4 – Understanding the war In Afghanistan.

December 11 – What is Intelligent design?

December 18- What Is new In Psychology?


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