Topics 2019


January 7: Is all U.S. politics identity politics now?
Jan 14: What does religion provide that secularism does not?
Jan 21: What if Roe v. Wade is overturned or gutted?
Jan 28: How dangerous is the far right-wing in Europe?

Feb 4: Can liberals reclaim freedom and patriotism as their own?
Feb 11: The good and the bad of illegal immigration.
Feb 18: What makes people happy?
Feb 25: The future of national healthcare in America.

Mar 4: How should judges be selected?
Mar 11: How does U.S. foreign policy help regular Americans?
Mar 18: Is a “culture of poverty” a big problem in the USA?
Mar 25: California’s bullet train: Solution or boondoggle?

April 1: Does mental illness get the acceptance and attention it deserves?
April 8: Will regional differences tear America apart?
April 15: How much of government should be privatized?
April 22: What makes a religion tolerant or intolerant?
April 29: What if President Trump is compromised by a foreign power?

May 6: The future of Mexico and U.S.-Mexican relations.
May 13: The power of cognitive bias.
May 20: The unitary executive theory: Constitutional? Dangerous?
May 27: Should the U.S. social contract be updated?

June 3, 2019: Whose problem is Americans’ ignorance of other nations and cultures?
June 10: The science and social rewards of good looks.
June 17: How vulnerable is U.S. democracy to an anti-democratic Supreme Court?
June 24: Bro’ Culture – What is it and can we learn anything good from it?

July 1: How can Americans and their news media fight fake news?
July 8: WWJD-T: What would Jesus do if he were here today?
July 15: Was the liberal international order just a passing phase?
July 22: Why are Comic Con and sci-fi so popular?
July 29: How corrupt are American politics and society?

Aug 5: What are the Democrats’ Big Ideas?
Aug 12: How much intolerance should society tolerate?
Aug 19: Climate change – How did the truth lose? Now what?
Aug 26:  The case for and against corporate social responsibility.

Sept. 2: Does U.S. history show us to be a melting pot or a mosaic?
Sept 9: How could the Israeli/Palestinian logjam be broken?
Sept 16: How does pornography affect sexual maturation and real-life intimacy?
Sept 23:  If the USA could have 4-5 major political parties what would they stand for?
Sept 30: Who governs San Diego and how?

Oct 7: Origins of + best ways to deal with racism and other chauvinisms?
Oct 14: Is Trump’s impeachment beginning?  How will it end?
Oct 21: Why do Americans worship celebrities?
Oct 28: What is American Exceptionalism?

Nov. 4: Death: Are Westerners in denial? Why do we fear it so?
Nov. 11: What are the legitimate purposes of nation-states in the 21st century?
Nov 18: How much of U.S. federal government spending is wasted?
Nov 25:  Hong Kong to Chile: What do recent popular revolts against tyranny mean?

Dec 2: Critical thinking: How can it be taught/learned?
Dec 9: Is time travel possible? When and where would you like to visit or live?
Dec 16: Common Core: What kind of educational standards are these?
Dec 23: What is the state of inter-faith relations in the United States today?
Dec 30: What is your personal philosophy for living?

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