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Topics committee is set. Meeting is this TH.

Gale, Ken, and DavidG will meet this Thursday 2/15 to pick March – July topics.  If you have any ideas, comment here or email/tell DavidG at the next mtg.  Thanks to those that volunteered to help select (Linda, James, Sal, others).  We will take you up on it next time or two.


FYI, a great Philosophical Minds mtg on 1/9/18

BTW, CivCon’s sister group, founded by Gary G. and now led by Jim Z., has a great topic for its January 9th (Tuesday) meeting, FYI.  Details here:

Cold War Brinkmanship

Tuesday, Jan 9, 2018, 7:00 PM

Kafe Sobaka Restaurant Pomegranate
2469 Broadway San Diego, CA

3 Philosophers Attending

Alex de Volpi will present, based on his new book

Check out this Meetup →


No meetings on Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Enjoy the holidays and we’ll see you on Monday, January 8 to talk about election tampering as a new – and very, very potent – form of warfare.

Mtg follow-up: Men, amiright?

I thought that was a great meeting last night.  Thanks to everyone for making a 22-person roundtable manageable.  The noisy group next to us?  I talked to them.  They meet weekly the same night as us, so we’ll have to work out something.  How about if whoever gets there first in our group next Monday tries to find a big space in the next room forward, not in the back room where they are?  Next week I’ll discuss logistics more with them and you all.

As follow-up, here are some things I mentioned.

  • The End of Men, Atlantic Monthly 2010 cover story laying out the case that men have lost a lot of status in the last few decades.
  • The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss, Atlantic Monthly 2013 cover story on what academic study of same-sex couples teaches us about the innateness of gender roles.
  • Modern Romance, fun and funny book on how social media have changed dating.  Covers just about every issue we raised last night.

I’ll see you next Monday for North Korea.



We have new topics!

Thanks to Jeremy and Penny we have a new list of topics for late October through next February.  See sidebar or “Upcoming Schedule” page.  Hard copies will be available Monday.

(See next post for background readings on Social Security reform.)

Topic ideas needed for rest of 2017

See the next post down for Monday’s meeting on money in politics.  Next week, Jeremy and Penny, two of our newer members, will help me select topics for mid-Oct. thru January or so.

We need ideas.  Politics, public policy, foreign affairs, religion, philosophy, history, culture, or others you think might make for a good civilized conversation.  Please leave ideas in comments or email or talk to me at Monday’s mtg.  There is NO obligation to attend or give an opening talk if you suggest the subject.

Topic ideas for a crazy June – Sept 2017

Very soon Ali and Linda will help me select topics for the next 3-4 months.  Any ideas?  Add them in comments or contact me.

Politics, foreign relations, religion, philosophy, history, science, culture, or anything else that makes for a good conversation.

New Topics Are Ready

Thanks to Aaron D. and Rich, we have three months worth of new topics.  See here or the various sidebars:  Civcon-schedule-2017-#1-feb-June

Hard copies available on Monday.

Mtg on Propositions on Monday

I propose we discuss the 15 propositions (17 minus the 2 death penalty ones we did last week) by subject areas.  Here’s the order I think might work, starting each area with the most important/controversial ones.  (Red) shows people that have volunteered to research and present specific props.  If you want to do one, just let me know.   I’ll do the usual linkfest post in a few days.

A.   Criminal Justice:

  • 57: Criminal sentencing. (Linda)
  • 64: Marijuana legalization. (David)
  • 63: Gun (actually ammo) control. (David)

B.    Health Care and Environment:

  • 52: Medi-Cal hospital fee. (Carl)
  • 61: State prescription drug purchase costs. (Carl)
  • 65: + 67: Plastic grocery bag ban. (David)
  • 60: Condom use in porn. (David)
  • 56: Cigarette tax hike. (Linda)

C.   Taxes, borrowing, good government.

  • 55: Extends a previous high-income tax increase. (John M.)
  • 53: Requires voter approval for big state revenue bonds.
  • 54: Publishing of CA legislature’s draft bills and proceedings.
  • 59: Citizens United – Non-binding declaration to reverse it.

D.    Education:

  • 58: English language proficiency.
  • 51: School bonds ($9b) for K-12 and JC’s.


Next Mtg Postponed: No CivCon On Sept. 26

Since Sept. 26 is the night of the Clinton/Trump debate, we are postponing our great topic, “How do progressives view the Constitution,’ until next schedule.  See you on Oct. 3 for, “What should U.S. school kids be taught about history?”