Monday’s Mtg: Are Pro Sports Harming America?

Oops.  I’m about to lose computer power for the week, so they’ll be no background readings this week.  But, it’s an interesting topic.  What I had in mind was:

  • Pro sports teams holding up local communities for tax money to help them build stadiums, sell tickets, etc.
  • The violence, especially in the NFL and the ultimate fighting gladiatorial bouts.
  • The effects on our culture of fabulously wealthy super athlete celebrities and their lifestyles.
  • How this harms young people in college athletics.

Anyway, Carl will have the gavel and I hope you all enjoy!  See you in two weeks.


2 responses

  1. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    The Romans gave the mob gladiatorial games–panem et circenses.
    Now we have pro football, Ultimate Fighting, etc.
    Some things are perennial.

  2. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    I wonder if anyone would want to spend some time tonight discussing current events, such as the Snowden affair? I will suggest it at least.

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