Topics 2009


January 8 – Understanding Taoism

January 15 – Who were the Freemasons?

January 22 – Is “Victory” in Iraq a myth?

January 29 – Neo-Existentialism: What is it?

February 5 – Why did the Democrats win the presidential election
and what does the public want from them?

February 12 – Understandlng Mormonism.

February 19 – Can we stop global warming in time?

February 26 – Socialism, liberalism and conservatism: Definitions
for today.

March 5 – Does California really want reformed government?

March 12- Understanding dark matter, dark energy and inflation.

March 19 – Why has the U.S. fought so many wars?

March 26 – ls laissez-faire capitalism dead?

April 2 – Art as the window to the transcendental.

April 9 – Understanding the philosophy of Wittgenstein.

April 16 – The U.S. Constitution by the numbers.

April 23 – What is Africa’s role on the world stage today?

April 30 – Understanding the Genome map.

May 7 – Are taxes too high, too low, or just right?

May 14 – [DavidG can’t remember]

May 21 – How and why was the devil created?

May 28 – To fix the economy we need to do the following…

June 4 – Understanding Keynesian economics

June 11 – Old wave, second wave, next wave, post wave; Whither

June 18 – Do American patent laws discourage innovation In the

June 25 – What Is Love?

July 2 – Understanding Jehovah’s Witnesses

July 9 – What is wrong with today’s PenaI System?

July 16 – Understanding Parliamentary systems

July 23 – What Is the role of the financial press, booster or

July 30 – Should the U.S. only have one official language?

August 1 – Understanding the Philosophy of Spinoza

August 13 – Large Corporations: Civic partners or robber barons?

August 20 – Looking towards a new conservatlve philosophy

August 27 – Is reverse discrimination discrimination?

[Our website is born, with its weekly pre-mtg posts.]

September 3 – Lebanon today; What are it’s challenges?

September 10 – Fixing the U.S. medical system, Part 1: Options

September 17 – Fixing the U.S. medical system, Part 2: Winners and losers

September 24 – Is there a morality issue on Americans’ proclivity to sue?

October 1 – Is SETI and the Search for Intelligient Life in the Universe Money Well-Spent?

October 8 – What is wrong with Congress?  Can it be fixed?

October 15 – Understanding Hinduism.

October 22 – Thomas Jefferson and the opening of the American West.

November 5 – Is politics based on morality or self-interest?

November 12 – Understanding the Casmbrian Explosion

November 19 – Understanding the philosophy of G. Vico

November 26 – Thanksgiving

December 3 – Understanding Sociology and Max Weber  [postponed]

December 10 – What is cap and trade, and will it hinder our conversion to rewable energy?

December 17 – Should “Three strikes” laws be struck.

Dec 25 – No Meeting

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