Topics 2017

January 2:  Are we paying too high a price to prevent terrorism?
Jan 9:  The coming tidal wave of elderly prisoners.
Jan 16: White male privilege – How real, how important?
Jan: 23: What will be President Trump’s top priorities?
Jan 30:  Turkey – The future or the end of moderate Islamism?

Feb 6 :  Have America’s Elites Failed Us?
Feb 13: What is going right in the USA these days?
Feb 20:  Should Democrats Cooperate With or Resist Trump?
Feb 27:  What Is Religion’s Proper Role in Politics?

Mar 6: Will U.S. Global Leadership Slip Away?
Mar 13:  The Misuses of “Pop Economics.”   \
Mar 20:  Which Beliefs Have You Changed Since You Were Young?
Mar 27: What Is a Fair Burden of Taxation?

Apr 3:  Which Moral Standards for Judging Historical Figures?
Apr 10:  Jewishness: Faith, Ethnicity, Nation, Other?
Apr 17:  Is America Fascism Possible?
Apr 24: The Constitution: Too Democratic Or Not Democratic Enough?

May 1:  Is a Powerful Global Far-Right Wing Movement Emerging?
May 8:  Why is American culture so violent?
May 15: Who runs San Diego and for whose benefit?
May 22:  Reparations for African-Americans?
May 29:  Is encouraging healthy lifestyles and good parenting the government’s business?

June 5: Does foreign aid work?
June 12: Lessons of the 6 Day War.
June 19: What should we be nostalgic for?
June 26: Sanctuary cities: Legal, moral?

July 3: What does the United States stand for?
July 10: Is technology ruining our attention spans?
July 17: Is urban v. rural becoming America’s worst political divide?
July 24:  Our criminal justice system’s purpose – Punishment, revenge, rehab?
July 31: Is the future African?

Aug 7: Does History have a direction/goal?
Aug 14: Can California resist the Trump/GOP agenda?
Aug 21: A new American Nationalism?
Aug 28: What do today’s movies/TV shows say about our society?

Sept 4:  Are corporate monopolies hurting our economy?
Sept 11:  Time to rethink the U.S.-Saudi alliance?
Sept 18: Does big money really control U.S. politics?
Sept 25: What is “fair trade” and should we have it?

October 2:  Social Security reform.
October 9: Are we near the end of paper currency?
October 16:  What is the legacy of the 1980s?
October 23: Is it hard to be a man these days?
October 30: North Korea: Now what?

Nov 6: Do we really have a democracy?
Nov 13: Lessons of the Vietnam War.
Nov 20: Prosperity Gospel – Why does it appeal to so many Americans?
Nov 27: Is the American diet unhealthy?

Dec 4: Has the “paranoid style” taken over American politics?
Dec 11: Is a “Third Way” between capitalism and socialism viable?
Dec 18: How is the decline of religiosity changing the USA?
Dec 25:  No mtg – Merry Christmas.