Topics 2014

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Jan 6 – How do comedians and satire affect our politics?
Jan 13 – What if criminality can be predicted?
Jan 20 – 100 years after Armenia – What have we learned about genocide?
Jan 27 -How could we raise Americans’ wage levels?

Feb 3 – The good, bad, and ugly of our 2-party political system.
Feb 10 – Why do so many Americans believe in the Apocalypse?
Feb 17 – Can our political system still solve problems?
Feb 24 – Are science and Christianity inherently in conflict?

Mar 3 –  Are Americans Becoming Too Dependent on Government?
Mar 10 – Do Americans Agree on What Freedom Means?
Mar 17  – Do/Should International Organizations Have Power Over the U.S.?
Mar 24 – Are Science and Christianity Inherently In Conflict?
Mar 31 –  What is “Constitutional Conservatism?

April 7 – Lessons Learned From Guantanamo.
April 14 – How Can Labor Have a Voice in Corporate Decision Making?
April 21 –  Is Education Just About Getting a Job Now?
April 28 – Woodrow Wilson: the Case For and Against Him.

May 5 – Are U.S. and Israeli Interests Diverging?
May 12 – Why Is USA So Segregated 60 Years After Brown v. Board?
May 19 – San Diego’s June primary election.
May 26 – Have we entered a new Cold War with Russia?

June 2 – Is there Still a Sexual Double Standard In Our Society?
June 9 – How should the first amendment apply to corporations?
June 16 – The future of abortion in the United States.
June 23 – Liberal and conservative foreign policy principles.
June 30 – Racial profiling and stop and frisk.

July 7 – Solving territorial disputes in the 21st century.
July 14 – What should we do about homelessness in San Diego and beyond?
July 21 – Causes and lessons of the Great Depression.
July 28 – How politically-biased is academia?

Aug 4 – It Time to Abolish the Death Penalty?
Aug 11 – Are Criticisms of Obama From the Left Valid?
Aug 18 – Is the News Media Too Biased to Do Its Job?
Aug 25 – Lyndon Johnson’s Presidency.

Sept 1 – Voting Wars: How Can We Protect Americans’ Voting Rights?
Sept 8 – The Future of Iraq.
Sept 15 – Does the Constitution need updating?
Sept 22 – What makes grass roots movements succeed or fail?
Sept 29 – After Ferguson:  Racism and militarization in U.S. law enforcement.

Oct 6:  Political refugees: Do we let in too many or not enough?
Oct 13:  Sex education:  What works and what’s right?
Oct 20:  Resignation + 40:  Assessing Nixon’s presidency
Oct 27:  Have Tea Party-led state governments governed well?

Nov 3: Should the Constitution ban extreme speech?
Nov 10:  Mid-term election post-mortem.
Nov 17: What one event in U.S. history would you change?
Nov 24: Is more federalism the answer?

Dec 1: Progressivism’s future after Barack Obama.
Dec 8: The Future of Masculinity in America
Dec 15 : Arab Spring:  A Failure or An Incomplete?
Dec 22: Will Atheism Ever Be Common in the USA?
Dec 29: Should we legalize euthanasia?

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