Philosophical Minds Club

Philosophical Minds (formerly Meeting of the Minds), our sister organization, convenes every Tuesday at 7pm.  The group debates topics that are more related to philosophy and science than we typically do at Civilized Conversation.

Philosophical Minds’ founder and long-time leader, Gary, has moved away from San Diego.  Jim Z. runs the group now and is maintaining its high standards.  Recent topics have included: Why do people join cults, the multiverse, and does language evolve?

For the current schedule visit Philosophical Minds at  .

Some Older Schedules –
2015 Schedule Q2

April 14 – Metaphysics and evolution
April 21 – Relevance of the Talmud today.
April 28 –  The Cambrian explosion explored.
May 5 – The physics of Roger Penrose
May 12 – Buddhism: Tools of the trade.
May 19 – Exactly what is intuition?
May 26 – The limits of reason. .
June 2 – Male and female mating rituals
June 9 – Defining phenomenology.
June 16 – Why does poetry exist?
June 23 – Current misconceptions in science.
June 30 – AI development explored today.
July 7 – Mathematics and the science of complexities.
July 14 – Cause and effect defined.
July 21 – Understanding Fichte.

2015 Schedule Q1
Jan 6 – How did life begin and evolve?
Jan 13 – Man’s intellectual development and his environment.
Jan 20 – How many desirable values are human rights values?
Jan 27 – The history and evolution of music.
Feb 3 – Why is there something as opposed to nothing?
Feb 10 – The public trial of Frederich Nietzsche
Feb 17 – The genome map: Where does it lead?
Feb 24 – The philosophy of Logic.
March 3 – Confucius and the oriental soul.
March 10 – Logical foundations versus nominalism.
March 17 – Egyptian influences on the Greek Enlightenment.
March 24 – Language and reality in modern physics.
March 31 – What exactly is consciousness?
April 7 – Contradictions, anomalies, and uncertainties with which we exist and improve upon.  Lesson from Popper, Russell, and Frege.

2014 Schedule Q1

January 7:  Metaphors and communication
Jan 14: Art and measurement
Jan 21: Symbiotics
Jan 28:  Kant – is he still relevant
Feb 4: the American empire today
Feb 11: Is language innate or not?
Feb 18: Nietzsche’s will to power defined
Feb 25: The mathematics of aliens
March 4: Freemasonry and The Magic Flute
Mar 11: Understanding Hume
Mar 18:  The legacy of the Roman Empire
Mar 25:  Newton versus Leibnitz
April 1: The Dredd Scott decision analyzed.

May 7 – the Council of Nicaea, a study
May 14 – What is the anthropic principle?
May 21 – What were the 1848 revolutions all about?
May 28 – A new perspective on the Spanish civil war.
June 4 – Erasmus: A man born too early?
June 11 – Heraclitus and modern physics.
June 18 – The birth of modern art.
June 25 – Entropy and the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
July 2 – the Council of Trent
July 9 – The siege of Vienna and the saving of Western culture.
July 16 – What is chronophobia and how to avoid it?
July 23 – Death – Is western man in denial?  (Read Ivan Illyich)
July 30 – Allen Turing and his magic machine.
August 6 – Who were the Fabians?
August 13 – Elizur Wright – a study.
August 20 – Pascal’s contributions to science.
August 27 – Do you exist?  Can you prove it?

EARLY 2013
Jan 8, 2013 – Why is Shakespeare relevant today?
Jan 15 – Jung personality types and free will
Jan 22 – Origins of fascism
Jan 29 – Polymerous affairs.
Feb 5 – The biography of Roger Bacon.
Feb 12 – Physics: What is entanglement?
Feb 19 – Barrett’s irrational man.
Feb 26 – Is truth today clouded by too much information?
March 5 – Defining meta-cognition
March 12 – What is Realpolitik?
March 19 – What is quantum psychology?
March 26 – The birth of modern art
April 2 – Who stole the American dream?
April 9- Vincent: Fopr or against God?
April 16 – Understanding the Spanish-American war.
April 23 – What’s up with quantum gravity?
April 30 – The life of Goethe

MOTM schedule Aug – Dec 2012

MOTM topics for April – Aug 2012

MOTM Schedule for Q3 2011

5 responses

  1. Hi All,

    I used to belong to the prior group(Politics and Religion) from 2004 to about 2007. Sorry to hear there was a split in the group. But this is part of life. I really enjoyed coming the Politics and Religion group. I am currently in Kuwait. I am hoping to come to Arizona and California this August for vacation. If I should be in San Diego I will definately drop in on both group meetings. Take care.


  2. I just read about your group in Aug. issue of PRIME. I’d like to attend your meeting occasionally. Nice to know such interesting group exists in San Diego.


  3. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    Please see our Meetup site below. Our next program is on Heidegger, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, 7 pm at Cafe Sobaka, 2469 Broadway:


    Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015, 7:00 PM

    Kafe Sobaka Restaurant Pomegranate
    2469 Broadway San Diego, CA

    8 Philosophers Attending

    James Cook will present Heidegger’s ontological/existential method and his ontology as a means of understanding Being-in-the-world and its prototype, called Dasein (Being-there). If time permits, we will also investigate Heidegger’s specific views about time.

    Check out this Meetup →

  4. James Zimmerman, This is Rick Shuman, the person who will contribute to the 4/23/19 philosophy meetup on psychology. I came down with the flu on Sunday and I’m not doing well, hence, I’m sorry, but I cannot attend tonight’s meeting.

    1. Sorry, Rick I just opened my “not approved yet” comments today, on May 6.

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