Monday’s Mtg: Feminism’s Successes, Failures, and Next Steps.

Am I crazy or has this election become a referendum on misogyny and sexism?  Maybe it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.  Maybe his ugly rhetoric and antics don’t represent anything larger in our society or tell us anything important about the state of gender equality or the obstacles arrayed against further progress.  He might be wildly popular for other reasons, and it is easy to think the huge gains made over decades cannot be reversed and that history will just keep on edging us forward on equal rights for everyone.

And yet.  Political movements in democracies tend to get the leaders that best express what their adherents stand for. Close to 80% of self-identified conservative Republicans say Trump stands for conservative values and principles. Does resentment of gender equality belong on that list, or is the volcano of hate Trump drilled down into more aimed at Hillary Clinton personally and/or the ideologically left-wing bent of modern feminism?

I don’t know. But, either way Monday will be a good day to discuss the successes, failures, and unfinished business of the feminist movement. We can also vent a little about the election. I’m here for you. I don’t read much on feminism and am not well-versed on the priorities and projects that animate the movement these days. So, I will give a brief opening on Monday that focuses on Hillary’s explicitly pro-feminist rhetoric and policy agenda.


Next Week (Nov 14): Donald Trump: Who is to blame?


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  1. All day I’ve been mulling over the impending end of politics with Trump’s presidential victory. Somehow, I stumbled over Adam Curtis’ BBC film from October “HyperNormalisation”. You can read more about it here,, and see it here, Once you get past some of it’s von Danikenesque presentation, the film’s overall thesis that we are each living in a world of our individual making thanks to social media algorithms is compelling. I don’t think that Curtis believed that Trump would win yesterday (unlike Michael Moore — Now that Trump has won, “HyperNormalisation” is downright scary.

    Are we seeing the end of politics? We can gather on line and in the streets, but do we, or even our political leaders, have the ability to make the world better? Thomas Jefferson couldn’t have conceived such an end to Democracy. It’s not the lending institutions and moneyed incorporations but out rationalized, simplified, and digitized Collective Intelligence that will undermine our American Revolution.

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