Topic Ideas Needed

This weekend we are picking topics for June – Sept of 2016.  So, if anybody has any ideas, put them in comments to this post or to the “Suggest a Topic” page.  Suggesting one does not put you on the hook to do any prep for the mtg on it.

  • Politics, public affairs, international relations, religion, philosophy, history, culture, others.

After 10 years, I tend to run low on original ideas.  Help.


10 responses

  1. Here’s one I got from Fred recently: Big Finance taking over capitalism, to the detriment of the economy, per this article:

    1. OK, I would call this one, “Reforming the Financial System”. Also, I saw this from Trump today,

      This mention of climate change, means he wants it to be an election platform.

    2. Ive got some good ones David. Am working on them now so please just hang in there.

    3. Ive got some good ones and am working on them now so please just hang in there.

      1. Oops. We selected topics yesterday. Thanks for trying. Keep them or send them to me and I’ll keep them for next time. We recycle ideas all the time.

  2. Topics I’d like to see…
    – The future of the Republican Party
    – Mexican Americans vs. Trump: What kind of problem are young Mexican Americans posing for the candidacy of Donald Trump.
    – Trump vs. the Republican establishment: Will Trump turn on, “our stupid leaders”, after all is said and done?
    – U.S. Unemployment – Is it real? – Should we care?
    – Social Justice courses – Is this a good/bad idea? (Conservatives tend to look like adults, while SJW’s look like spoiled kids, why? Is it just because of naive professors sponsoring the courses? Did someone write a really crazy book and everyone is teaching from it? Dunno! – reference: the Yale Holloween scandal)
    – The future of tranportation in San Diego (and, “all points north”).
    – The future of energy in California.
    – Ethanol mandates (additive to gasoline, E10, etc., which specifically doesn’t work in ‘classic’ cars such as mine, and there is a case that it is counter-productive for environment, emmisions and power.)
    – The future of water in California. (I think you did this, sorry)
    – American jobs.
    – American labor, are we meeting the needs of the unemployed?
    – How badly do we need to change America? Where do we start?
    – Is the DPRK a real or imaginary issue? Why should we care if atavistic enclaves exist in the world, and are we just perpetuating them?
    – Socialism vs. Capitalism – (or some wonderful combination of the two?) – in other words, “Get over it, this is a new century – new minds, new thinking.”

  3. Thanks.

  4. James, I need clarification on two of them. What did you mean by Mexicans and Trump + social justice courses. Isn’t the latter kind of part of your political correctness topic we did? That’s the sense I got from googling the Yale Halloween thing.

  5. Due to the high incidence of addiction and suicide to drugs of the white population in the US it is now difficult to obtain pain control for those who are in pain. There are hospitals now who no longer keep pain meds for patients. Though addiction and suicude definitely need to be seriously addressed those who are experiencing pain need to be treated. I am a retired Hospice RN and am horrified by the pendulum having swung so far to the other side.

    1. I am one of those people, Diane. Thanks for your thoughts. This group discussed both the under- and over-use of opioids at this mtg:

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