Monday’s Mtg, Part IV: Conservative Views on the Trump/Carson Phenomena

Finally, here are some more conservative commentators on the Trump phenomenon. (Our first and last ever Breitbart link!)

The first link is NOT conservative POV.  But think it’s key to our understanding of Trump and Carson and Cruz, et. al..


  1. Which GOP voters say they support Trump? Why do they say they like him? What are the core reason for supporting other novice and/or radical candidates, like Carson and Cruz?
  2. What does this tell us about factionalism within the GOP? About economic conditions and cultural conflicts in America as a whole?
  3. What does it say about the role of GOP elites in shaping voter opinion and controlling the Party – versus other, more extreme actors like Fox, talk radio, etc.?
  4. When Trump/Carson fade where will their supporters go? What would that tell us?
  5. Impact on GOP long-term? On US politics and the doable political agenda?

LINKS – Some Conservative Views of Trumpism

OTHER POSTS for this week’s mtg on Trumpism –

Part I: Is Trump’s popularity real?

Part II: theories of Trumpism.

Post III: Trump, Carson, et. al., and the future of the GOP.


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