Our New Home – Starting July 27

As we discussed, beginning next week for our July 27, 2015, meeting on inequality, Civilized Conversation will change location.  I’ve selected the Panera Café at 5620 Balboa Avenue in San Diego.  It’s between the 805 freeway and Genesee Ave, in the large Genesee Plaza shopping center with the Target and Home Depot.

It’s a large Panera and, as you can see from the photos below, they have 3-4 different tables suitable for a group of 10-15 people.  There’s plenty of parking and other restaurants nearby, including a Five Guys and a Chipotle and a Native Foods Café.  I was not able to reserve us a specific table permanently yet.  But that may come with time and is not a worry anyway since they have so much space.

So, starting 7/27, look for us by the “CivCon” placard I will place on the table we’re using that night.  FYI, some nights we may be sitting outside, so consider sweaters/jackets.


Panera Balboa 4

Panera Balboa 1

Panera Balboa 2Panera Balboa 3

And, thanks to Tom and the rest of The Village Café people for hosting us briefly after the Coco’s closed!


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