Monday’s Mtg: Are We An Over-Medicated Nation?

Bruce, our group’s doctor, will take the lead on this topic. (Bruce is a neurologist. CivCon probably needs a psychiatrist, but nobody wants that job.) The topic I had in mind had to do with our  – probably – growing problem of prescription drug over-prescribing and abuse.  But, Bruce may prefer to take us a variety of directions, such as:

  • Pain medications: The recent sharp rise in opioid addiction in the Unt4ed States, related to the widespread prescribing of Oxycodone. The big issue, aside from just reducing addiction, is how to balance the need to treat chronic pain with safety issues.
  • Psychiatric drugs: Their alleged overuse by both adults and children.
  • Illicit use of prescription drugs by teenagers and children.
  • Whether widespread legalization of marijuana would make our addiction problems better or worse.
  • Others.

Below are some articles on these and other “are we an over-medicated society” issues. I will add others that Bruce brings them to my attention. I’ll see everybody on Monday night.


Next Week:  Are Americans Too Deferential to their Military?                          ?


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