Monday’s Mtg: Mid-Term Election Post-Mortem

Well, I think “post-mortem” was the appropriate title.  But, what have we really learned about American politics from the mid-term results?  How big was the Republican victory last Tuesday, and its mandate?  How big a repudiation of the President and Democrats was it, really?  And, what are the implications for the:

  • next two years of national policy and gridlock
  • 2016 presidential election
  • likelihood that either major political party could build an enduring political coalition that can get things done
  • state/local governance, which is now overwhelmingly in Republican hands?

I’ll open the meeting by summarizing (1) who won what and (2) why it happened, on which there’s a fair amount of consensus.  Then, I’ll list some of the implications of the election outcome, not just on the next two years but also on what this election might tell us about the future of our political wars.


Results and Causes/Meaning–

Implications –

Next Week:  A fun break!  What one event in U.S. history would you change??


2 responses

  1. I doubt much will change–just more of what we’ve had the past few years.
    But if Republican antics continue, the voters will have had enough by 2016. That is my hope.

  2. Won’t be there–Amnesty meeting

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