Monday’s Mtg: June 2013 Primary Ballot

Linda suggested we go over the June 3 election ballot, as we do for most elections. She pointed out that there is some pretty important stuff on it, both statewide and locally. Also, this election will mark the first time that statewide constitutional officers (like Secretary of State and Treasurer) will face CA’s new “top two” electoral system, wherein the top two primary vote-getters advance to November’s general election regardless of their party affiliation.

Idea: Bring your sample ballots to mark up?

Links –

  • Endorsements: City Beat – Liberal
  • Endorsements:  SD County Taxpayers Association – Conservative.
  • Governor: It’s a wild race in the GOP primary. One major candidate is Tim Donnelly, a Tea Partier and former Minuteman last seen patrolling the border in search of illegals,
  • 52nd congressional, with Scott Peters and Carl DeMaio.
  • Superior Court judge race in San Diego gets hot!


NEXT WEEK: Are we entering a new Cold War with Russia?


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