Monday’s Mtg: Assessing Woodrow Wilson

Linda and Jim wanted us to debate one of the most fascinating and controversial presidents, Woodrow Wilson. The guy was part hero, part villain, part Hamlet (tragically flawed), and maybe part Macbeth (vicious and authoritarian), too. His relevance today seems obvious, too, at least to me. His internationalism, his moralism, his progressivism, his racism, etc. A really great history topic, even though a little distant chronologically.

Please try to get to a few of the articles or videos below, if you don’t know much about Wilson or this period in our history. I also linked to a few others that posit why the guy is still relevant to our current political debates. In case you didn’t know, Woodrow Wilson has become quite a bogeyman on the right, thanks in large part to an obsessive campaign to demonize him by Glenn Beck during 2008-10. Beck may be gone, but the effects linger. I should link to a critique of Wilson from a credible conservative, but I’m short on time this week. I’ll see you all there

Links –

On Wilson –

On His Relevance Today –

NEXT WEEK: Are U.S. and Israeli Interests Beginning to Diverge?


2 responses

  1. I think Mr. Beck calls Wilson’s program “Mein Kampf light” Really a bit much!
    Judge Napolitano considers Wilson’s term as the beginning of the end for constitutional liberty.
    How such a sincere idealist, if certainly a man of his time (e.g. racism), could evoke such ideas, really tells us more about our current political debate, than it does about Wilson.

  2. I wish I had read the book I have just finished, The Illusion of Victory, by Thomas Fleming, before our meeting..
    While it is very much anti-Wilson, the research is quite solid and he offers a disturbing perspective. Hard to refute, I should think.
    On the other hand, while so much of Wilson’s program was a dismal failure in the short term, in the longer perspective, perhaps he succeeded better than he knew.
    The debate continues….

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