Follow-Up on Fed Meeting

I hope everyone enjoyed listening to Professor Will Cummings on the Fed.  Here are two things:


1.  Here’s the full schedule for next week’s “political economy week” at Grossmont College.  They have panels on many great topics, including many topics we have talked about:  Immigration, Obamacare, libertarianism, and the causes of the crash of 2008.

2.  “The Retirement Gamble,”the PBS Frontline report that Will mentioned on the looming pension crisis in America.  No one knows about the coming pension crisis, but we will because we will be discussing it on December 9!  I’ll post the video again then.



4 responses

  1. This is off topic, but it so urgent that I’m putting it here.
    The policies of the Fed may not be the issue at the moment.
    SNAP (Food stamps) will be cut as of today.
    The effects may be dramatic. Real hunger may be the result in the lowest income groups in the country. And the results of that might be…

    Those who believe in prayer, might want to pray that the Almighty will soften the hearts and illuminate the minds of the Republicans.

    If their strategy is to provoke a revolution followed by a right-wing crackdown, which is the only way I can make sense of it, they might reflect that the result might well instead be a turn to the left,
    even in the extreme left, rather than to the right. Which would leave them…where?

    Even from their own point of view, it just makes no sense.

  2. Picking up on the article, the question of why there is so little “blowback.”
    Yes, so far. It takes time for disasters of this sort to really make an impact on the consciousness of the people affected, who are, generally, a disorganized and politically impotent group, further disempowered by gerrymandering, voting restrictions etc. as the article points out.

    But in the longer term, I believe there will surely be a reaction. And it will not be pretty.
    Remember the burning cities of the 60s?

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