Monday’s Mtg: Which Values Should Schools Teach?

What role does education play in forming, or at least in reinforcing, our moral values?  What role should it play?  Gale suggested we talk about this, and I want to start the meeting by asking you all which moral values you think your teachers tried to instill in you.  From there, we can discuss this subject further, maybe with the help of the articles below.  Googling around this week, I got a sense of just how complicated – and controversial – the idea of teaching moral character has been and continues to be.

Discussion Questions –  

  1. What moral values do you think YOU were taught in school?  Were these lessons taught explicitly or implicitly; i.e., were your teachers trying to teach values or were they just imparting them in the natural course of teaching?
  2. Is there even such a thing as a values-free education?  If not, how should educators determine which moral values to teach?  Who gets to decide?
  3. What about the problem of church-state separation?  Are there moral values distinct from religious ones?  If so, what are they and how can they be taught?
  4. Conservatives constantly bemoan the lack of moral instruction in schools.  What do they mean, and what do they want schools to teach?
  5. Some schools nowadays teach “character education.”  What is it and what do you think of it?

Links –  


 NEXT WEEK:    Why does U.S. poverty levels keep rising?


2 responses

  1. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    Perhaps students in schools don’t get much of a view of the realities of our recent history (or any period of history, for that matter). Perhaps they are given a sanitized version.

    I can only say for myself, that for the past 40 years I have seen our government and our politicians lie, cheat, and corrupt themselves for monetary donations. There are certainly honorable exceptions, but it happens so often that one has to say it is a way of life.

    What could be said of the business world is probably even worse, except that they generally manage to avoid exposure, and always legal prosecution. Except for Bernie Madoff. LOL

    George W. Bush was guilty as hell of insider trading. He managed to laugh it off.

    If there are moral conclusions from the above, they are probably negative ones.

  2. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    The Republican criminals have now had their way, and are wreaking vengeance upon the country.

    I do not say this lightly. It is simply the fact.

    They are super-patriots, or pretend to be, waving the flag on every occasion.

    How this can be reconciled with the grievous blows they are inflicting on her, is something
    they will have to live with in their own consciences.

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