Monday’s Mtg: San Diego’s Political Future

Politics in San Diego when I was growing up was a pretty straightforward affair.  The developers and big downtown interests owned the place and they got what they wanted.

Not anymore –maybe.  Demographic and other changes are on the cusp of remaking San Diego’s political scene, and on Monday, John Mattes, CivCon member and long-time local investigative reporter, will bring us up to date and talk about the future.  I’ll be on vacation and will have to miss it.  But, I regret it already, since John, who’s also a local political activist, seems to know what’s going on around this city extremely well.

I’ll skip the usual discussion questions and just link to a few good articles on San Diego politics, its latest conflicts, and its future.  The ones John suggested you read are noted.




NEXT WEEK:  Do professional sports harm our society?


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