A Special Guest for Monday’s Meeting

We’re going to have a special guest at tomorrow’s meeting.  Faisal Saeed al Mutar.  A friend of our occasional member David Lock (son of Carl), Faisal is an Iraqi visiting the United States to attend, I believe, a humanist group’s big convention.

Even though we have a great topic for the night – the voting wars – I thought we’d ask Faisal if he wants to share anything with us at the outset and answer any questions we might have.  After 20 minutes, we can begin the main topic.

By the way, when Iraq set up a democracy after our overthrow of Saddam, one of the first things they did was to set up a national, centralized voter registration system.  The United States is one of only five democracies in the world that places all of the onus for registering to vote on the voter, and one of the few that still relies on paper registration forms.

[Update:   We ended up spending the entire evening having a most fascinating conversation with Faisal and his Iranian-American friend.  It was great!  Thanks so much to Faisal, his friend, and to David Lock for introducing us to this amazing young man.  We will reschedule the voting wars topic for next schedule.]


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