Topics Needed for 2013/Q2

[UPDATE:  Linda and John Matte have volunteered, but we still need topic ideas ASAP].  We need to do another 3-months’ worth of topics for May-June-July of 2013.  The last go-around Janice and Lisa helped me out.  The time before that it was Bruce and Carl.

Tomorrow I’ll ask for two volunteers.  We’ll need to meet sometime before next week’s (4/15) regular Monday meeting, or else I can’t get topics ready in time for the City Beat/Reader lead times.  Let me know tomorrow or here in comments if you’re interested.  Also, be thinking of topic ideas and add them in comments or email to me or tell me.


6 responses

  1. Lisa and Janice are ineligible because they did it last time. Other than them, anyone is fine. New people welcome, as long as they have been to a few meetings.

  2. I want us to do immigration reform early in May, since they are working on a bill as we speak.

  3. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    Perhaps not too early to discuss political prospects–even Presidential candidates for 2016?
    Personally I feel that both Biden and Hilary are too old and have used up whatever charisma they have.
    What do other people think?

  4. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    Three topics, all historical (yes, that’s my shtick, so to speak). I am somewhat knowledgeable about them and would be happy to lead discussion:

    1. The Munich Conference: What Really Happened; and is this still guiding, or misguiding us, today?
    2. End of World War II and use of Atomic Bomb
    3. The “Lincoln” movie and passage of the 13th Amendment: What Really Happened

  5. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    Another suggestion: Thomas Jefferson.
    This man in my view, as in that of many contemporaries, was a hypocrite. Or at least, a complex and conflicted personality, a real Sphinx, as one of his biographers called him.

    So what about “Thomas Jefferson: The American Sphinx?”

  6. Nice history topics! But, too late to get considered. I’ll hang onto them for next time.

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