The Bigger Picture #23: Race, Climate Change, & Race Again

The first two are must reads.

  • The first is by the best pure writer in the politics business these days, IMO.  He is Ta-Nehisi’s Coates, a 37 year-old (!) African American without a college degree. Coates’ rise has been meteoric; barely hireable a few years ago, he is now The Atlantic Monthly’s most read columnist.  He’s no Lefty activist.  He’s  a thoughtful, extremely well-read, voice who engages all points of view and even (!!) empathizes with and respects them.  Here, (via another commentator, because his added thoughts are great too)  he argues that we have to stop viewing racism as just a pathology of “bad” people.
  • The second is the shocking new data on global warming and the risks it poses to us all.  I don’t usually post on this subject, but damn!  The rate of warming since 1900 is 50 times greater than the rate of change in the previous 5,000 years – the period during which human civilization developed and the climate our whole civilization is based on.  We will discuss climate change on April 22., the day after Earth Day. 
    Relatedly:  Are global food shortages a looming problem? Yes, says these experts in a brief column, and not just because of climate change. Of course, it’s by Paul Ehrlich, who’s been wrong before.
  • A White GOP and a Non-White Democratic Party (10/18/12 mtg):  remember this meeting we had?  Well, as minority votes increase (mainly for Dems) Whites may start voting more Republican.  So, (1) racial polarization could increase, and (2) the parties could have even more incentive to race-bait.
    Relatedly:  What values do these new, younger, non-White voters hold?  New Voters, New Values.
    Relatedly, In California:


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