The Bigger Picture #22: Obama, Inequality, Liberalism, More

Some really good stuff this week.

  • Obama’s Freedom of Action:  He has a lot more freedom to take risks in his second term than many people naturally assume.  Why?  Because most people pay so little attention to politicsYour must-read of the week.
  • Inequality:  Wanna learn some amazing facts about U.S. wealth inequality?  You won’t believe it until you see it.  Go to this 6-minute video (embedding a video in this post costs extra on WordPress).  Your must-view of the week.
  • Future of Liberalism: For two fascinating takes on the recent evolution of American liberalism, see both here (summary with a liberal commentary) and here (original, a very thoughtful piece published in a conservative journal).  I highly recommend both.
  • Iraq War: As the 10th anniversary of the war approaches in April, here are 10 reasons we owe it to ourselves to reflect back on it.  From James Fallows, one of our most respected journalists of national security.
  • Five myths about the sequester.
  • Is college still worth it?  Student debt has tripled (!) in the past eight years. It’s another bubble, but its effects will be very different from those of the housing bubble.

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