The Bigger Picture, XXI: Entitlements, Deficits, & the New Southern Strategy

Here are a few good articles on politics this week that are not about voting rights or the sequestration.

  • The Southern Economic Strategy:  Remember my explanation of the low-wage, low-service, race-to-the-bottom “Southern economic model?”  Well, read these two articles:  (1) A stinging critique of the model, and (2) a partial defense of it by a thoughtful conservative magazine.  Seriously, don’t read one without the other.
  • Entitlement Cutting:  What entitlement reform is really all about.
  • The News Media:   Five mistakes political pundits make over and over again.
  • Arab Spring:  The years after a revolution are almost always unstable and dangerous.  Is the Arab Spring in real trouble?

Finally, behold the latest update of an important chart that explains the causes of our federal budget deficit.  I discussed the meaning and importance of this chart (2009 version) previously, here.

CBPP chart showing deficit causes over time


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