The Bigger Picture, Part IXX: SOTU, Congress, Etc.

Here are a few good commentaries on Obama’s surprisingly ambitious state of the union speech.  Also, the underpopulation issue, Congress’ dysfunction, and barking dogs (that’s not some kind of metaphor).

The SOTU Speech –


People, Congress, and Dogs (hee, hee)

  • Population Control:   Did you know that some conservatives are highly concerned that the U.S. population may shrink and lead to catastrophic consequences? Does this make any sense?
  • What’s Wrong With Congress (A long but a must read): A retired Democrat explains why it is impossible for the two parties to work together anymore: Republicans and Democrats in Congress speak different languages and share no assumptions even about what our problems are or what might constitute evidence of which solutions might work.
  • Poverty:  A new study shows that the U.S. spends a lot on social programs, BUT, compared to other countries, most of our social supports go to middle class and upper middle class people, not to poor people.  To borrow a phrase from TV: Myth busted.
  • What are dogs saying when they bark?  Scientific American explains the latest findings.

One response

  1. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    What are dogs saying when they bark? Now THAT is what I call an interesting topic! LOL

    As a life-long dog-lover, I will say that dogs know what’s going on, a lot more than y ou think. Never underestimate that canine mind!

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