The Bigger Picture – Greats Reads for Week of Feb 1, 2013

Here are a few more great navel-gazings on the future of the Republican Party, hidden U.S. history, and a principle reason African-Americans lag behind whites.

  • Immigration and the GOP:  Why immigration reform won’t save the Latino vote for the GOP.  A must-read if you want to talk intelligently about this issue.
  • Facing Failure:  The masterful New Republic article I mentioned on the Republican Party’s need to come to grip with its failures if it wants to transform itself.  Please read.
  • Growing Moderation:  Can the Republican Party regrow a moderate wing, like the one they systematically eliminated from Nixon to W.?  The evidence is thin so far.


  • Little-known history:  MLK, Jr. tried to get President Kennedy to issue a new emancipation proclamation!  Read what – didn’t – happen here.
  • The wealth gap:  Housing and real estate policies helped to create and now help perpetuate the huge gulf between White and Black prosperity in America.
  • Sweet, Sweet Schadenfreude:  Okay, I can’t resist linking to brief comment on Sarah Palin’s career demise:  We’ll Miss You, Sarah Palin.  I think that how easily this ridiculous person was able to be the destructive figure she was tells us something about our political culture in 2013.

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