Monday’s Mtg, Part III: The GOP’s Uncertain Future

Indulge me one more time.  Just read this article by a top political scientist.  Easy to read and containing most everything you need to know about current thinking on the subject of the difficult road ahead for the Republican Party.

Reading some of the links I’ve highlighted in other posts will be helpful, too.


“Where did we go wrong? The Republicans had everything going for them – a terrible economy, an unpopular incumbent, and a positive message for the American voter: ‘less than half of you are parasites.'” –Stephen Colbert


2 responses

  1. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    Reports today are that the economy contracted, slightly, in the 4th quarter, attributed to a decline in defense spending.
    This is, perhaps, a foretaste of what the “sequester” will do!

    It seems that the Republican plans to wreck our economy, our government, and our country, are right on track!

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