Reminder: Talk of the Town Will Record Our Next Mtg

The nascent talk radio show, Talk of the Town (being put together by own Bill) will be recording — audio only — our next meeting, the one on December 17 to discuss what’s happening to American small businesses.  The audio will be posted to the not-yet-in-operation KNSJ’s website as a “Talk of the Town visits San Diego’s Civilized Conversation club” event.

How it will Work:

I will have a microphone on, and Bill will hold a boom mic up to each speaker after I call on them.  Only one person talks at a time, and there will be a slight pause until Bill can get the boom microphone near you.

To make it go smoothly – Let’s adhere to these rules for this night

  • We’ll start the meeting at 7:15, after Sandra our waitress has taken our orders and brought our food.
  • I’ll keep my opening to a merciful length.
  • Keep the background noises way down.  No side conversations!
  • Don’t start before Bill gets the microphone close enough.
  • I’ll emphasize your first name when I call on you, but you might want to say it if I don’t (helps the listener to distinguish one voice from another).
  • No personal attacks or shouting or limelight hogging!  BUT, let’s not lose the passion and the feeling in what we say and how we interact.  Bill wants that.

Please come to this one.  We want a good turnout, but also the topic is a good one to get into left versus right issues (trust me, it is).


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