The Bigger Picture, Links for Week of Nov. 27

Nice meeting last night, I thought, on employment discrimination laws.  We had 10 people, including two new.  Here are some good reads I’ve come across this past week.


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  1. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    First of all, I don’t think analogies with the Civil War are very relevant to current circumstances.
    Compromise on issues like budget are possible, and necessary.

    Slavery is different: Either you establish it legally, or not. Lincoln’s original plan was for compensated emancipation by 1900, with repatriation to Africa. Congress had passed 3 Confiscation acts, essentially eliminating that idea.

    Radical Republicans, after the war, had 2/3 majorities in both Houses–so long as former Confederate states were excluded. They were able to pass 14 and 15 Amendments and force South to ratify as a condition of readmission.

    Doesn’t sound much like today, does it?

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