Bigger Picture Links for Thanksgiving Week

Fewer topics, more details.

Religion and Politics:  How fascinating is this (via) ?  A think tank broke down the religious affiliations of Obama and Romney voters and compared each to the religious composition of different age groups.  Why?  To see the future.  Stare at the table below a few moments (click to enlarge) and you get what it means: The religious breakdown of Obama voters (in terms of percent secular, percent Catholic, percent mainline Protestant, etc.) pretty much looks like what Americans 18-29 and 30-45 look like; i.e., like the future of America, religiously speaking.  In contrast, Romney’s voters only resemble the 65+ crowd.

The article says this means it’s the end of the White Evangelical Christian strategy for the GOP.

Here are some other big picture looks at our politics.

Polarization:  One-half of the 50 state governments are now under veto-proof, one party supermajorities!  This new reality, a product of polarization, is absolutely huge, given the sharp differences in basic philosophy of the two parties and our practice of federalism.  We may be about to see even larger social welfare and living standard differences between states and within our country.
Winning Could Turn to Losing:  A fairly frightening thought:  They’re still counting votes from the election held two full weeks ago!  So?  Well, Obama’s lead keeps growing; his popular vote margin over Romney is now 3%.  Why frightening?  Well, if it had been a closer election, one candidate could have led the day of the election, when the media “calls”  the race, and the other candidate might have pulled ahead and actually won two weeks later!  Imagine if Romney had “won” the election by <1% for two weeks and then weeks later lost by 1/2%!  How would Republicans have reacted to having victory pulled away from them in a situation like this?  Would Democrats do much better?



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  1. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    This confirms what I have felt–Bishop Romney and his party are fast going into the “ashcan of history”

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