The Bigger Picture: More High-Quality Post-election Navel Gazing

The election already has produced as lot of excellent commentary, far better than most of the cable news pop polysci.  At the risk of trying your patience, here are some more good analyses.

  • A brilliant point.  Conservatives made a big bet starting in 2008.  Engage in total, uncompromising opposition at all levels, on all issues, and hope to be rewarded with renewed control of the USG before demographic changes require a retreat from doctrinaire conservatism.  It was a now or never gamble.  The result:  They got nothing and they are going to get the never.
  • Has the [more or less] permanent Republican minority arrived?  This guy says, Yes.  I say, and have said, not exactly.  Remember, every two years we have an election with a smaller, whiter set of voters.  Also, Latinos may one day find themselves voting to defend what they have, like Polish-Americans and other newcomers eventually did, and they’ll vote conservative.  And, lest we forget, events can intervene (see 9/11).
    Still, the GOP is in real trouble, and not just because of its immigration stance.  Here’s the best one-paragraph summary on Latinos and the GOP you’ll read this week.
  • A less liberal-triumphant and more prosaic view:  Obama was reelected because he avoided big governing mistakes (unlike his predecessor).
  • Stop thinking that all conservatives are crazy, far-right racists and xenophobes.  they are not.  But, the GOP needs to face the fact that the ones that are have become the face of the party.  That needs to change.
  • Will Fox News voluntarily moderate itself, having had such a central role in lurching the Grand Old Party towards the fringe?  I’ll just quote another commenter who had the same thought:
    “Last night, Roger Ailes’ walls came tumbling down. Because their foundations were not based in reality, just ratings. Fox deserves a great deal of credit for re-electing president Obama. Because they refused to see who he actually was, they could not effectively counter him. They countered a figment of their imagination – and it was a particularly nasty, bilious, mean figment. Their universe became a black hole last night, sucking almost all of them in.”


More later if I see anything juicy.


One response

  1. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    It seems clear that the Republican party will never be able to win, as a far right party based in the Deep South.
    In Utah, Romney took 70% of the vote and almost that in Idaho and Wyoming. Similar in Alabama and Mississippi, and only slightly less in other Southern states. This might have given him a plurality, but fortunately did not.
    But these lopsided majorities in a few states do not translate into electoral success, either the Presidency or Congress.

    Whether more moderate Republicans will emerge, is the big question of the future. (I do not go in for predictions).

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