Election Wrap-Up: Totals + Some Good Commentaries

A pretty big Democratic victory.

  • President:  Obama 303 electoral with FL not called.  If he wins FL, he would add 28 EV 29 EV to that total.   Obama also wins the popular vote by about 2.3%, beating my and Bruce’s predictions.  FYI, Democratic candidates have now won the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections.  Obama also romped in the tight swing states.  He won VA by an impressive 3 and OH by 2; plus WI, IA, and CO by about 5!
  • Congress:  Wow!  Dems pick up 2 senate seats to go to 55.  However, they pick up only about 4 seats in the House.  Still, it’s worth noting that the GOP’s 30 or so-seat majority is misleading:  Nationwide, more people probably voted for a Democrat in their local House race than for a Republican.  This typically is true for the Senate, too, because small states are overrepresented there and small states tend to elect Republicans.
  • States:  On the state level, it was also a good night for Democrats.  See the LA Times map for details.
  • California:  Prop.30 passess!  32 fails, but so does 34 so the death penalty remains law.  Bigger news: Dems may have taken more than the 2/3 of the legislative seats, allowing the state government to actually function again.

As promised, here are links to maps that show election results nationwide and in California, PLUS some of the better commentaries I’ve read the last 2-3 days.





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