So, how were the last two meetings?


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  1. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    OK, I’ll offer some suggestions as to how meetings can be improved:

    1. Try to get more general participation and keep a few people from dominating the meetings. In some cases, this might mean limiting the time people can speak. What about a limit of 15-20 minutes per person, unless some people don’t wish to speak?
    2. Try to ensure that someone is present who actually knows about the subject. This might just be someone who has done some reading in preparation for the meeting.
    3. Keep comments germane to the topic. Try to develop a format in which speakers respond to what is being said, rather than going off on their own track.
    4. Elicit responses: “What do you think about that?”

    Probably some other things too; but the above might be a start.

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