Monday’s Mtg: Should We Keep Increasing Longevity?

Bruce, our neurologist, will present and Carl will moderate in my absence.  I’ll be back for the next meeting, on targeted assassinations on October 8, which is a great — and underreported — topic.

The direction the longevity meeting takes will depend on Bruce, of course.  The links below focus on the political and social policy implications of an aging society.  The costs and risks of an older population have been widely discussed, but – see the links – are easy to exaggerate.  Still, there is no question that an older society is a different society that will require a different mix of services and supports from its government(s).

You also could focus on the personal aspects of extending longevity: The ethics of extending life versus ending life and the morality of spending so much of society’s resources on the elderly rather than the young.  Remember: America’s elderly already live in a kind of socialist paradise; it’s our working age citizens that live without a high level of social support.

Links –  (Bruce: Add any you want in comments, and I’ll put them in the post)

I’ll see you all in two weeks.


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