The Bigger Picture, Links for Week of 9/26/12

  • Are Democrats starting to win the battle of ideas?  Maybe.
  • Why has the Media started to go so hard on Romney?  Four reasons.
  • Surprise!  Almost 80% of the “independent” money flowing into the 2012 campaign is the reasult of the “Citizens United effect.”
  • Since 1990, white Americans without any college education have seen their life expectancy drop by four years!  Falling life expectancy in a rich country is almost unheard of.
  • A map of inequality state-by-state.  Yeah, inequality is high in the South.  But, it’s also very high in large northern states with big urban areas.  California is one of the most economically unequal states, as are New York and Illinois.
  • Homer Simpson votes for president!
  • A conservative seriously doubts that congressional Republicans would start cooperating with President Obama if he wins reelection.

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