Monday’s Mtg: Is Any Gun Control Possible?

I believe this one was Lynn’s idea.  She thought of it after our most recent gun massacre (although I haven’t checked the news today!).  Anyway, here are a few links to the basics of gun control.

I’ll be on vacation, so Carl will be be wielding the gavel.

Possible Discussion Questions –  

  1. Is gun control still popular?  Why has support for it gone DOWN in recent years?  (See links, below)?
  2. Do guns really cause crime and/or make it worse, etc?  In other words, what are the arguments conservastives make about this issue, and are we sure they are wrong?  Why do they resonate with many people?
  3. Is any gun control possible at the state level, given recent Supreme Court decisions on gun rights?



One response

  1. I just discovered your group today. What a wonderful concept. So glad to see critical thinking happening in cities all across America. Perhaps some of our topics at can inspire your future conversations. Keep it up!

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