The Big Picture (Weekly Links), 8/9/12

This is the first in a new feature I’ll do weekly.  Since I read (at least) dozens of articles and scores to hundreds of blog posts every week related to the stuff we talk about all the time, I thought I’d start sharing the very best and insightful of them with the group.  Since it’s a convention week, these are mainly about the GOP’s ideology and evolution.

Sorry to be so partisan in the first installment of weekly links.  But, it’s convention week where they are trying to highlight the differences betweenty the parties, so I thought I would, too.


One response

  1. Regarding prejudice: I think the science of Liberal vs. Conservative still has a long way to go. I do not think the reference study really addresses the underlying issue. Observing that blacks (on the average!) have poorer work habits and mental abilities than whites is not prejudice, it is simply observation. The difference is whether a person recognizes that this is because blacks have more problems, starting with poorer prenatal care and lower birth weights and continuing all along to adulthood, or whether they think that the cause is intrinsic. You do not see Liberals throwing peanuts at blacks and calling them animals. That this was not acceptable behavior was, I think, more about speaking it so plainly and concern for votes than any real difference in attitude. Where exactly this comes from is what really needs to be determined.

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