Old Topic Updates: Campaign Finance, the “Post-Truth Campaign”

I haven’t done one of these in a long time.

Campaign Finance:  A new study of SuperPACS (they still have to disclose their donors) is mind-boggling.  A mere 1,082 people have contributed 94% of the money donated to SuperPACs this election cycle!  Over one-half of all the SuperPAC money came from 47 people, who each have given more than $1 million!

Money corrupts campaigns “even more than you think.”

Culture of Lying:  Mitt Romney continues to shatter any kind of norm for lying by a presidential candidate.  This week’s lying was especially bad.  Why does the press not call him on it?  Because it’s too big to report.  His newest lie is that President Obama is ending welfare work requirements.

Must Religion Be Conservative?  The “lost tradition of progressive Christian fundamentalism.”


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