Culture of Lying Meeting, Part II

How could I forget to link to this?  A highly regarded blogger, Steve Benen, has been doing a weekly compilation of the major outright falsehoods that Mitt Romney has told that week on the campaign trail.  We’re up to volume (week) 23, which lists over 20 of them!  Romney may be the most dishonest candidate for president in history.  How he’s getting away with this is something I think worthy of discussion on Thursday.

This does not mean all conservative positions are lies or that conservatism = evil.  But, Mitt is becoming a unique figure in the lying department.


2 responses

  1. I don’t know what world you are living in but I have counted about the sam number by Democrats and Obama within the last few days!

  2. This post is an excellent example for “culture of lying”, though I think it was not intentional. Modern political distortions and exaggerations cannot compare to the outright lies and slander that used to commonplace in the past. But then, like most modern pundits, you did not come straight out and say that Romney was the most dishonest, only that he might be, so you did not actually lie outright. You might also go for quantity rather than quantity which is harder to estimate since keeping track of these things has not been popular until recently and in the past many false statements were made anonymously and so harder to prove who made them.

    One of the biggest contributors to false and misleading statements is due to the person’s welfare being dependent on whether or not someone else approves of what they say. The more dependent the person is on the other’s good will, the more they are willing to do for them. An extreme example is in North Korea where a person’s entire family can be sent to the work camps if they say the wrong thing. So you see people exhibiting symptoms of panic and hysteria if something is said that could be an insult to the “dear leader”. Lesser examples can be seen in the statements made by each of the Republican presidential candidates as they exited the race: they all made pretty extreme right-wing statements that would not be acceptable to much of the general public, but would be sure to please the big Republican donors. So their place in the system is assured even though they are not elected.

    The more money is concentrated in a few people’s hands and the harder it is to find productive work, the easier it becomes to find people willing to lie and distort to make a living. I guess you could call that a change in our culture that promotes lying.

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