Health Care Decision: Let’s Discuss Tonight

We have a full plate for tonight’s meeting: New location update and a great topic on Reagan’s legacy.  But, since the SCOTUS Obamacare ruling came down today, several people have suggested we talk about it.

How about 30 minutes worth, or maybe 45 max?  I can spend 5 minutes outlining the ruling’s basis, if you want, or we can just get right into it.  Thoughts?

Here’s some good commentary to get you started:


2 responses

  1. Hi David. Missed last week’s meeting. Frankly, I wouldn’t walk across the street to discuss Ronald Reagan. But first, wanted to suggest as a meeting place Coco’s on El Cajon Blvd. They have a meeting room in the back. It is private, seats quite a few people and is free. (I asked.) Just a thought. Second, I have an alternative email address. Please use this email address to communicate. Thanks!

    1. Excellent! I’ll call them and change your email adress on my mailing list.

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