Tonight’s Mtg Cancelled!

I just received a very abrupt email from Eclipse’s owner just a few minutes ago telling us we are no longer welcome there, effective immediately.  The young businessman who runs Eclipse, Will, chose to inform me of this on the day we meet a few hours before the meeting.

So, tonight’s mtg is cancelled, thanks to this young man.  Had he given us some notice, of course, I would have had no problem with what he did.  It’s his business, obviously, and we were always his guests, there at the cafe’s indulgence.

Staff asked for my email LAST THURSDAY yet I was not informed of this until an 11:30am email today.  We have publicity in The Reader and elsewhere, a large group of people, some of whom are not on the internet, etc.!  It is unacceptable to do business like this, with no thought of how the way you conduct yourself harms others.  Below is his email to me.

Eclipse’s phone number is 619-578-2984, in case you want to call and tell Will what you think of the way he conducts Eclipse’s public relations.  I did.  I hope you will all tell your friends about eclipse management and will never again patronize this or any establishment run by this inconsiderate man.

I will scramble beginning tomorrow and see if we can switch to another location.  I will keep you informed on the website in real-time.



David, First off, I need to apologize for leaving this with such late notice. I should have emailed you much earlier in the week but the days seemed to slip away. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to host your event. After a long discussion with my management team, we have decided that your needs for a space are beyond our capacity. We don’t really have a private space to host a group such as yours. Since we’ve began hosting we have received over half a dozen customer complaints about the tone & subject matter of your discussions. Additionally, we can’t afford to turn our music off as per your requests. We strive to create an environment that is welcoming to all of our patrons; unfortunately it seems that a majority of our clients are not comfortable spending time in our cafe during your discussion group. Again, sorry for the late notice,




3 responses

  1. Sorry to hear the news as I had inhaled two tacos quickly before the meeting so I could get there in time as I thought tonight’s topic would be interesting. As far as Eclipse, I did not think this venue was adequate for the group. Eclipse is too small and overpriced. I hope we can find a place that is larger and maybe has better noise capacity so we won’t be really noticed so much. Please keep me/us informed as to future upcoming discussions. Thanks.

  2. I know you’ll find a place for us to land. Thanks for all you do, David.

  3. I tried to come to the 6/21/12 meeting at Eclipse. Shame on them. You might try Lestats, 4496 Park Blvd, They have a back room that should be appropriate. I go to another regular meeting there.

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