This Week’s Mtg: Who Should Be San Diego’s Mayor?

Once again, it’s almost time for 20% of registered voters to make important decisions about our future!  Can you feel the excitement?  The June 5 primary will select which of the four San Diego city mayoral candidates will face each other in a run-off election in November.  It also will determine opponents for November’s partisan statewide and federal elections, and decide some local and state ballot propositions.

For our meeting, we will focus on the mayoral election, but we’ll also try to cover the two statewide ballot propositions, 28 and 29, and Propositions A and B in the city.  We can also discuss whether California’s new primary system – the one that says the top two primary vote-getters go to the run-off, regardless of party – will make any difference in this highly polarized state in the long run.



  1. What is on this primary ballot?   What are we voting for?
  2. Mayor:  (a)  What are the big issues facing San Diego?  How did we get here?  (b) How has each candidate promised to deal with these problems?  (c) How much freedom of action (from interest groups, from the box wer’re in) would he or she have to keep those promises?
  3. Propositions A and B:  (a) What are they?  (b) Pros and cons, including any hidden motives of the supporters or opponents?
  4.  Propositions 28 and 29:  Same.
  5. Are there any other important issues on next week’s ballot?
  6. Okay.  How would YOU fix the city’s and the state’s problems?



What have you done to promote the group this week?


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