Topic Ideas For Next Go Round

Any ideas for topics for our May-August schedule?

  • Politics
  • Public policy
  • Foreign policy and world affairs
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Other (inc. History and Science)

Leave them in comments or email me.


3 responses

  1. James H. Zimmerman | Reply

    Suggested topics:
    1. Why is US so far to the right of the rest of the industrialized world?
    2. Current developments and future prospects for China
    3. Bishop Romney as President: Can he be elected and what would he really do?
    4. How can there be peace in the Middle East?

  2. A few topic suggestions:

    1. Should states have rights? What rights? Why? Are they more deserving of rights than corporations, for instance?
    2. All political philosophies are based on values, but is it poessible to create a working political/government system based only on universally (at at least very widely) accepted values? Or are there no such values?
    3. Are political parties helpful or hurtful to the democratic system? Some of the founders claimed that they would distort the system, which I thought had been shown to be true, but apparently not everyone agrees with this.
    4. Free speech. The freedom to criticize the government is obviously necessary, but what about other aspects? Do we have too much freedom, or too little? Does spending or donating money to politicians constitute an acceptable form of free speech? Etc.

  3. Acouple more possibilities:
    1. Education: why is it a perennial problem?
    2. Free trade: Why is it such a popular thing now in the the US and not before? Who is it benefitting who did not benefit from it before?

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