Follow-Up: Good Commentaries On Obamacare and Supreme Court

I thought we had a good meeting last Thursday on the Supreme Court’s role in our political system and on its upcoming review of Obamacare.  We had 10 people, which is pretty good for the first meeting after switching locales to Eclipse Chocolat.

For follow-up, I’d just note that there will be a blizzard of commentary on the ACA (Affordable Care Act, a.k.a., Obamacare) and its constitutionality this coming week.  So, I think it might be helpful if I link to some of the better ones I encounter.  Here’s the first batch.

I’ll add others to this post as I find them.  I’ll also point out which ones are easy reads and which are highly legalistic.

I need a good article that argues the ACA is UNconstitutional.  Anybody have one?


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